Briar Lomas.

+64 27 947 8273

Fruit Stickers (a retrospective):

A design exhibition exploring the life and times of the single use fruitsticker. Held at {suite} gallery from 3-5 October 2019. Exhibition catalogues later sold at Hong Kong art book fair 2019.

Catalogue design. Copy writing. Curation.

In collaboration with :
Mia Walsh
Christopher Simon
Rosa Shand
Billie McGuinness
Liam Collinson

Taking a walk in the sun.

A personal reflection on what it means to do 'good' as a designer today. Created to be navigated as a physical space which extends beyond the limits of the screen.

Writing, design and development.

One Thousand Meteorites.

A song created from the data of all the meteorites which have been recorded falling to earth in the last 200 years. Data sonofication (an aural display of data) made in collaboration with Liam Collinson.

Data analysis. Video editing. Web design.


A type specimen made for Oh No Type Co's Hobeaux. Inspired by 70's jello salads and hollandaise covered bananas, with images adapted from Betty Crocker's Picture Cookbook.